Monday, 8 August 2011

Finally feel like I'm in Australia!

Well it is really warming up here! Thank goodness! It has been beautiful outside. This past week has been a pretty great one! Our lecture topic last week was relationships. Our speaker was Steve Aherne, the National Director or YWAM Australia. He did a great job and was really funny. We all learned a lot and are now pretty much experts on relationships……just kidding of course, but we did learn a lot. One of the phrases he kept on repeating over and over was “the battle is won or lost in the heart”. Our heart condition or “attitude” is going to predict a lot about our future and our relationships. Actions are results of attitudes-this can either build us up or tear us down and will either make or break our relationship with God and with others.
The weekend was here before I knew it! Friday night a group of us took a trip to Macka’s (aussie slang for McDonalds). A homeless man came up and asked if we had any spare change or anything and one of the guys gave him some change and he left…….to go dig through the trash bin for food. I have seen several people standing alongside the road with signs asking for food and had people ask me for money before….but never have I ever witnessed a human being searching through trash to find dinner. I had the privilege of buying this man dinner. To see the absolute joy that lit up his face upon my asking made me feel like such a blessing to him. I think truly knowing you’re a blessing to somebody is probably one of the greatest feelings there is. When I took his meal out to him I found out his name is Shane. The homeless man searching for food has a name! Imagine that. I got to talk to him for a few minutes and then had the privilege to pray for him. If you ever get the chance to be a blessing in such a necessary way, I highly recommend doing so J
Saturday was of course YouthStreet! This week our dance team joined with surf team and we got to go to the beach! It was really beautiful there! The water was really cold, but some people went surfing anyways. It was really cool to watch! YouthStreet Live was really great as well. It will never get old to see teens with arms around each other worshipping God! We had some time for small groups with them too and it is so great to see them in the journey with the Lord and hear about the questions they have.
After YouthStreet a group of us went to Chloe’s house for the weekend!! Chloe is a girl on my DTS who lives in a town called Gloucester which is about an hour and a half away from Newcastle. Let’s just say it was amazing to get away for a couple of days and shower without flip flops!! I don’t even know where to begin about how cool of an experience this was. It felt like a luxury weekend! Her house is located in the country of Australia so she is surrounded by all types of hills and mountains and wildlife! Since she is so far in the country they get their water supply by collecting rain water! I thought it was so cool to get to drink rain water! It was dark when we got there Saturday night, but Sunday morning we woke up to an amazing view of the mountains and pancakes for breakfast! Apparently Australians like to eat pancakes with lemon juice and brown sugar…it’s weird I know, but I tried it and I highly recommend you do too because it was so so good!! Sitting at the breakfast table I realized there were two wild parrots just hanging out on her back deck! It was SO cool!!! Then we enjoyed the afternoon with a picnic in the park. It was so cool to see the koala bear crossing signs along the gravel roads! Then today we took a walk to the river, which also was beautiful and relaxing! Then on our way home it finally happened!!!!!! We saw two kangaroos!!!!!!! We had to pull the car over and get out to take pictures! They were so cute!
                                                                        Beach for YouthStreet            
                                                                    With my roomate Ali :)
                                                                    Wild parrots at Chloe's!
                                                                 View from Chloe's back deck
                                            Picnic in the park: Ali, Danielle, Nerida, me, and Chloe

                                                                     Chloe, Danielle, and I

Ali and I again!

This little get away was a perfect way to end the week! Please keep up all of the prayers! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Have a great week everyone and remember-if you get the chance to be a blessing-just do it! You won’t regret it J

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