Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Beginning of the End

Bula! (hello in Fijian) We made it to the beautiful islands of Fiji on November 12. Our time has been good so far, but first let's go back to our last few weeks in New Zealand. Our time there came to a close so quickly! Our main ministry focus in New Zealand was discipleship- with friends our age and the youth groups we were able to visit. It didn't always feel like a ministry though, more like loving people, encouraging them, and leading them in their faith. Sharing our testimonies with the youth brought on some really cool small group conversations. One night we spoke at a church that was all older people-quite a change for us! We talked about YWAM and what we had been doing in their community. There was a question and answer time afterwards and it weas neat to hear their questions and see their interest in what we are doing. We got to talk to them afterwards and hear their stories about the earthquakes and how they were affected by them. The earthquakes pretty much turned the area into a third world nation. They had to use chemical toilets, no power, food shortages, dangerous conditions, not knowing if loved ones were okay, etc. Praise God we only felt a few quakes while we were there and that they were little ones! When we got home from talking with them that night, Susie (our leader) broke the news that she just found out earlier that morning that in order to do our ministry in Fiji, we had to purchase a Religious Workers Permit, which was going to cost all 7 of us an extra $90.....however, the church we had just left gave us a team donation of $800! Coincidence? Nah, God is just that awesome!! So that was a huge blessing to us. Aside from discipleship, we helped out randomly in the community and worked with an organization called 0800Hungry. We left Christchurch feeling a sense of completion and a knowing that we had done what we went to do-bring hope and light of Jesus to a city in much need. To top it off, we left with some great new friends!
Now we are beginning the end of our outreach. Fiji is beautiful! For the first few days in Fiji we stayed with a friend from YWAM Newcastles family. We got a real Fijian experience-living just as the locals. We had a bit of culture shock at first as we are no longer in the comfort of a first world nation, but we are resting in the truth that God will provide what we need and keep away what we don't! We have been sharing testimonies at youth groups, churches, evangelising door to door, and visiting hospitals. We have about 2 weeks left of outreach and we are determined to make the most of our time here! Please keep up the prayers for a strong finish!

PS: I will post pictures once back in Australia!