Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's Spring!! September!

G’day! I can officially say I have seen spring in September! How cool is that? Last week we entered into spring and it’s been really nice! A group of us are going to the beach today after lunch. How being in Australia during spring does have its benefits!

Anyways, last week our lecture topic was “Calling and Vision.” Our speaker was a lot of fun and really engaged u s in his teaching-it was neat! The overall message I took from the week is that we shouldn’t be so focused on what we are to be doing, but instead focus on being in right relationship with God, and trusting Him to direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). When we have begun living our lives for His glory instead of our own, He will show us the right way. I believe He will speak to us through desires and passions He has placed in us. When we commit ourselves to His purposes He will guide us. We don’t have to worry about messing up or choosing the wrong thing. This is the beauty of completely trusting in the Lord! For me personally, I gained a great deal of confidence in realizing this for my own life. I often am so afraid of choosing the right or wrong thing that I end up not wanting to make a decision at all! I am going to work on staying committed to not overcomplicating things and TRUSTING my Perfect, Sovereign Savior who lives in me! How cool is that? Needless to say our lectures last week were really good and came at a very appropriate time! But, it is getting hard to focus on lectures with OUTREACH right around the corner!!!!!
We started something new with YouthStreet this past week. They decided to not have so many staff on each team during the day and to send out staff to different parts of Mayfield/Newcastle to spread the word about YouthStreet! Part of the vision for YouthStreet was to go to the kids instead of having them come to us. So, it was time to go back to this original vision. We ended up with 4 teams of 4 going into different parts of the city. I ended up being chosen to go out and spread the word! It was definitely a neat thing, but very exhausting! I think God is going to do really amazing through this!
So outreach....! We begin outreach on September 24! Can you believe it? Me either! First we will be taking a double decker bus up to the Gold Coast in Australia with the kids from YouthStreet. This is called 5 Day Escape and will include staying on the waterfront, going to the amusement park, shopping, movies, and heaps of fun! Then my outreach team will be doing a week of work in Sydney. We will then come back to Newcastle for Base Retreat, which to my understanding, is a weekend for staff us to go to the lake and just hang out! Right after that, we will be headed to Auckland, New Zealand! We are going to be doing some outreach there involving evangelism at the Rugby World Cup! Then we are taking a 15 hour road trip to the south island, Christchurch, New Zealand! This will include a 3 hour ferry ride! I am pretty excited about road tripping through New Zealand (if you couldn’t tellJ ). In Christchurch, we will be helping with various types of earthquake relief. About the beginning/middle of November we will be headed to Fiji! As of now, we will be working with a children’s ministry and a prisoner ministry. I am so stoked about outreach!!
Please be praying for us as we still need all the little details to fall into place with outreach. Also that God would be preparing our hearts to be completely focused on doing His work during this time.
I have been so blessed to not have to worry about all of my finances, but there are a couple of people on my team who do not have all of their outreach fees yet, so please be praying for their funds to come in!

Thanks for the support and prayers! ( I seriously can’t say that enough!) Have a wonderful week!

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