Sunday, 3 July 2011

First day in Newcastle

G'day mates! Well after about 25 hours of traveling I finally made it to Newcastle! Leaving was difficult, I was definitely challenged to keep my focus on why I was leaving instead of who. I had nervous butterflies the closer we got to Dayton. After Alee left was when it really hit me. I was officially on my own (physically anyways). Walking through security, the guy was kind of like "Hi how are yo--ohh been better I take it?" Then the traveling delays and issues started in and that at least took my mind off of leaving and set it on getting there and on time!  The Lord was definitely working on me surrendering the traveling details to him.My first two flights out of Dayton and Chicago were delayed, leaving me nearly convinced I would miss my main flight from San Francisco to Sydney. I was only given 20 mins to switch gates that were 28gates apart! The flight attendent in Chicago told me I was going to have to RUN! And if you could have seen what I was toteing around, you would understand that this was no easy task! Luckily, they made an announcement when we landed in San Francisco that 3 of us needed to catch a flight to Sydney and to let us off first. Then we started our run! I was like "I thought this only happened in the movies"-it doesn't! Needless to say I made my flight! It was long, but not unbearable. I didn't feel like I slept very well, but I did get some sleep. Landing in Sydney was beautiful! I had an incredible view of the coast-it was really neat!Making my through customs in Sydney took awhile, but I got through, got some of my money converted, and found my cab driver! Then began the 2 hour trip to Newcastle. I got here and right away met one of my new roomates, Marika! She is from Holland so it was cool to here about her home! I started getting everything unpacked, got a tour of the house, and had some coffee :) Then my second roomate Ali arrived. She is from Illinois and after talking to her I was very thankful that my trip here was so easy! Everyone here in our house, "Lewis House" is very nice. There is a real sense of community here. For the July Classic Discipleship Training School (DTS) there are only 6 of us, so we are joining classes with the Creative DTS that also has 6, so that will be neat! I went to sleep last night at about 8:00pm my time, 6:00am Ohio time! I slept for almost 12 hours and woke up feeling refreshed! I was relieved I was able to sleep so well on my first night. I have to keep saying to myself "You are in Australia!!" , it doesn't feel like it! I feel like I'm simply in another state! I'm so, so thankful for everyone who has supported me to make this trip possible. It was very AWEsome to trust in God to work through people and see Him provide. Being here is humbling, it is definitely no luxurious place I'm staying, but I do have more than I need. It helps me to refocus on why I am here. Romans 8:31 has been a verse I am clinging to "And what should we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, then who could ever be against us". That is how I feel knowing that it is only by His power that I am here. He is for me, so nothing can be against me. That is not to say it won't be difficult at times, but I can deal with difficult! It is still so crazy that this is actually happening!! We start our first class tomorrow, and I am really excited to see what that will be like. Thank you again for all of the prayers and encouragement. I have all the cards and notes that everyone wrote for me hangin around my bottom bunk and it is a great reminder of what a great support system I have back home. But I am off to enjoy my first full day in Newcastle! Chat with ya soon ;)

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